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Note: This in only a demo version.

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Calico & Co follows the adventure of Calico the cat in her attempt to save her kittens from unknown abductors. The game features various levels with increasing difficulties, various traps and settings. Along the way, Calico will also encounter other animals in distress and once saved, they can help in her adventure as each animals have their own unique ability which can be helpful in various situation.

As of now, the game is still in development and we will continue updating the game with more contents, like more levels and more features. So, stay tuned.

Calico and her three little kitten is one happy little family. Even though they don't always had a good time in their life, they are happy just because they have each other and feel the love and comfort of one another.
They don't need anything more.. as long as they are together.

But suddenly...


Her kitten gone... her most precious possession taken right in front of her eyes by some unknown beings.

Now it is up to her to save her little ones and find out who the hell kidnapping those helpless, innocent kitten.

The gameplay is pretty simple. You just need to collect alien artifacts while at the same time, avoid any traps or danger you might encounter along the way. Once you saved other characters in certain levels, you can freely switch between characters to use their ability.

After you collect enough alien artifacts, a wormhole will open and you can advance to the next level.

These are brief introduction for the playable characters in the game:

Calico is the main character and the main focus in the storyline. She is the most flexible and can perform double jump to reach high places

Spaniel is man's best friend and he is expert in digging. He is useful to pass certain area which other characters cannot pass

Chimp is the smartest among the group as he is the only one who knows how to climb along the vines.

Dillo is the bravest thanks to his hard skin. He is able to curl his body and rolling through sharp spikes along the ground without getting hurt
Oh, and please don't misspell his name...

Toro is the strongest and able to push heavy obstacle such as big wooden box. Also, don't let that look deceives you. He is strong yet gentle.

Tweeny is the cutest. She can fly... although not most of the time... But still, she is the only one can fly.

  • Cartoony graphic with cat in it
  • Various playable characters, each with their unique ability
  • Brutal deaths and gory
  • Hard mode with more difficult and frustrating levels
  • Steam leaderboard
  • Steam achievement
  • Steam trading card

There will also be various costumes and hats that player can have to customize their characters but as of now, we are still developing this feature. Like these below:

Are those two remind you of someone?

Comment, suggestion, feedback are welcome.

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Install instructions

After you download the file, extract it to wherever you want and then run the exe file.

If the exe file won't run or nothing happens after you click it, try to download the other file (No Icon), extract it and run it.


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CalicoAndCo_Demo_version_NoIcon.7z 21 MB

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